How to render elevations using VW/Enscape

  • Hi all,

    As part of a project I need to provide some 2D elevations of a design as well as the usual 3D views. I've created the basis of my model in VW and now trying to experiment with elevations, but I'm struggling to get anything to work. If I use the suggested method in the Enscape how to guide ( by cutting a 3D section in the model then the resulting section in VW exists as a grouped object with no textures, which then of course have no textures in Enscape either.

    I've tired some other ways of doing it, such as clip cube in VW, which keeps the textures in VW, but is ignored by Enscape and just renders the whole model.

    Normally elevations in VW would be done using an elevation line and then it appears in a viewport, but that isn't in any way render-able in Enscape as far as I can tell.

    Has anyone figured out a way of creating elevations in VW with Enscape?


  • I don't use VW but in sKetchup I have other problem regarding orthographic view.. they don't work after I have instaled version 2.90 of ENScape.. They worked when I had 2.7. I rendered them and when I open a project after instaling 2.9 I got only white sheet of an image.. While in the preview window I still got pretty much the same as it was in 2.7..

    Even if I create new scene whith all default settings I change view to orthograthic... I got white sheet.. For now I will do perspective on 1deg FOV in sKetchup..

    (I have no Fog but minimum value of height in ENS is 1m... not 0.. maybe this is the issue..)

  • Thank you all. We'll bring it up with the devs.

  • Orthographic View.. But if You set Views for all 4 sides and will be changing time of day to find nice shadows the colours will look bit different on each image.. (in our office it is not desired.. clients get confused).. so instead of rotating view.. rotate building..You will have the same colours (not physically accurate shadows but usually nobody cares)