Custom Asset Editor into revit

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  • ¿Is there a way to import fbx files into the custom asset editor with materials without having to put textures back.?

    in the pic the materials lost the textures. there is anychance for change this?

    note: the fbx file is a archimodel exported from 3d max

  • I haven't been able to keep the textures with fbx as well (although that has always been an issue with fbx, even in other programs). Obj has worked fine for me. Would love to know what it is that makes the fbx break.

  • I use Blender or Sketchup to prepare my assets.

    It's been ages since I exported an obj from max, but maybe test your obj first somewhere else to see whether it works fine. You can even open up the .obj with a text editor and see whether the paths to the texture maps are correct.