Custom Asset (3D Warehouse Equivalent)

  • Hi,

    With the ability to now create our own custom assets, which is a great addition, is there any plan in the future to have something similar to '3D Warehouse' ?

    It would be great to share our custom assets with other users


  • ...and following on from this, is there any way that libraries of assets could be shared and/or sold...

    Am I correct in thinking once I’ve downloaded the Enscape assets, anything I add into the library folder would appear in the browser?

    Here in Australia we’re always looking for Australian native vegetation. If someone created a library of say 20 or so gum trees we’d be delighted to buy it.

    I know we can probably spend the time acquiring tree models (possibly from xfrog?) and applying materials ourselves but I’d really much rather pay for professionally setup assets and spend our time on architecture work.