adjust skybox?

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  • Hi

    I'm trying to add an context image from the site as a skybox - but i'm have a lot of problems to figure out how it should be to fit into the render.

    I wish we could rotate and scale skyboxes in all axis - or is there an other way to insert an background image?

    I know i can use alpha channel and then do the job in photoshop - but enscape is such fast tool - it's a shame one needs to go through photoshop.


  • The easiest way I have found is to create a large open column around your site and apply the panorama as an image to the inside of the tube. But there are problems:

    - it needs to be BIG

    - it will cast shadows and be affected by the light direction (sunlight - but this can be compensated for by shining some lights on it).

    - you are best to make it a PNG with a transparent sky.

    - if you are walking around the model, it's fairly obvious and does the reverse of what you want (breaks the realism/immersive-ness)

    - if it's site specific and there are objects/buildings in the panorama obviously closer than they 'should' be it's obvious.

    But if you are only producing stills and it's for views out of a window, it works.

    Alternatively you create your own sky-box and dump it into Enscape via the "Load Skybox From File" setting in the Atmosphere tab... but I've found it's more work to get the skybox right.

  • Jorgensen now I know why you haven't used a skybox so far ;)

    Please have a look at our knowledgebase article:

  • i was trying to add the actually context as background image - or as a skybo - but i can't figure out how to do this.

    in an other project i added the image to an object in the background, that worked ok, but i thought that there might be an better way to do this.


  • Unfortunately this tutorial does not go as far as using 360 ° street view imagery. It is very difficult to fit the project into the image and the parameters in the "atmosphere" tab give little room for image adjustment besides rotation. There could be a way to lock the image while trying to frame the project or adjust the perspective.

    For example, you can lock the 360 ° image when it is in the right direction and it does not move up and down along with the project for better adaptation.

  • is a great overview tutorial with some really good links on sources

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  • Hello Egie, thanks for the video indication. Although you have no tips on how to fit the project to the background image, it has great tips on how to do the effect in other ways. I'll try the hint of producing my own 360 ° images in which I can control the height of the image. I hope to succeed in this. A hug.

  • ... in principle it could be a good way to use your own HDRI, because it brings in your desired "right" mood of lighting as well as the "right" reflections of this environment. Still I would render my own image with a white background then, if this has an alpha channel (?) (I haven't tried that yet myself)

    The finished image I would then put together in postpro fromyour render and a "normal" background photo, as I assume that this gives you the best control over clippings and proportions. I don't think that will be possible in the HDRI-render environment itself but that is an assumption only.

    Best and Let us know how you go :)