Reflectivity broken?

  • Hi,

    the last preview doesn't allow to dim the reflection intensity anymore like before. The option was not perfect in the past, the range to small some times (maybe 30%...100%), but now the intensity is much to high (maybe 90%...100%). The glass rack shows a tiny difference between 0% and 100% reflectivity. I hope it can be fixed since I think about to renew my license and work on the project again.


    left last preview (current no active license) vs. last renderings during the project some days before.

  • I think that it's now dependent on which way you are looking through the glass (the frames are intended to be grey external, white internal):

    (I thought it might be the way the sun hits it, but I flipped the model and get the same results)

    Edit: ... sorry - I might have hijacked a Rhino thread and I'm using SU

    Edit II: I thought a work-around would be to put another pane (reversed) at the back, but looking at frosted glass through frosted glass cancels each other out and you loose the frosted completely.

  • I'm sorry but I can't reproduce the behavior you're describing. Different values of reflectivity definitely work and there have been no changes to transparent shading whatsoever with the latest previews. I can only offer that we take a look at the Rhino file to see what's going on.

    Btw: You can download previous Preview versions as well (there's a link at the bottom of the Preview download page) - so you can try and see if it really looks different with the previous version.

  • I'm sorry but I can't reproduce the behavior you're describing.

    OK - spent some time trying to re-produce what was happening; eventually worked it out (posted for anyone in the future who has similar issues);

    The diamonds I used in the door were created in a new project by taking a blank piece of glass, marking the pattern and filling the diamonds with frosted glass. This gave the intended result, but it only filled the front face of the diamonds; the back face was left as the initial glass (Looks the same in SU). I then took it into my main model coloured in the space between the diamonds with a glass texture from elsewhere in the model (so that they all match). This left my glazing panel with three glazing textures - the frosted section, the clear borders and (unintentionally) the back of the frosted diamonds. Changed this and it's fixed.