Hashtag Filter

  • Have any of you played William Chyr's fantastic Manifold Garden yet?

    Or any recent game featuring a "Photo Mode" ?

    Well I have - and do - and find myself spending an inordinate amount of time tinkering with these - not even to post online - more for my own aesthetic enjoyment, and much like the auto-filters on phone photo apps and the like, they add an incredible depth for playing with output'd visual styles.

    Yes, I'm the person who often rolls into other people's threads on here protesting Enscape keep things lean, and that "all post should stay in post" so I'm happy to eat my words (and/or start another thread to request a .raw output option) but perhaps adding similar "filters" would amplify Enscape's already incredible feature set?

    Point of note: most games' keep these filters tied to their photo mode, dropping you back down-to-earth for their regular visuals for in-game play (okay FC5 has some visual-style tweaks, and Ghosts of Tsushima has "Kurosawa mode") but it would be nice (if implemented) that they could be an on/off option for walkthroughs/videos/standalones.

  • snowyweston , I just heard about that game you mentioned yesterday, it really looks very interesting and I totally get your request. I'll gladly file and forward it accordingly, and bring it up in our next future features discussion. :)