Sharing models that include custom and core assets with other users

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  • I am working remotely, as many of us are these days. I am using SketchUp and from time to time I need to share my Sketchup model with other designers. I work in the film industry and we are essentially freelancers. We don't have a common asset library folder at the office on server, and most of us aren't working in the office anyway. A bunch of us are using Enscape as our renderer of choice. Is there a way to create something like an AutoCAD eTransmit folder that includes the custom assets for sharing with other designers that have Enscape? What about for those that don't have Enscape? Does anyone have any experience in this or suggestions as to what the best practice would be?

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    Hi Slugore ,

    In regards to sharing assets with multiple people that have Enscape, you can navigate to the folder you have set for all of your custom assets, zip all of the assets you want to share (make sure that all of the necessary files that got created when you crated the assets are in there) and send that zip folder to the other people.

    They will then need to copy all of those files to their folder that they have created for their custom assets and the newly copied assets will show up in their Custom Assets. The files created with the custom asset editor will only work with Enscape. :)