Enscape 2.9 Video Editor Preview (P)

  • Hi,

    I recently upgrate my enscape to 2.9 and I faced the following problem: when I set keyframes on timeline, I edit those keyframes (focus, field, etc) then press Apply. After that I press (P) for preview and there comes the problem. When I press (P) I have a major framedrop and for a short time period my screen is blurry and I am losing all the details that I can see before press (P). When I render the same scene everything works fine and the rendered video is fine. But the thing is that I am loosing time and quality in the preview. I was working on a previous version of the enscape and when I pressed (P) thing were smooth and preivew was really helpfull.

    My spects

    i7 8700k

    RTX 2070

    32GB Ram

  • I'm sorry to hear about that - in the first instance, please upgrade to our latest release version Enscape 2.9.1, in case you haven't already.

    If that doesn't help, please kindly send in a feedback report:


    Also, how large/complex is the project in general?