Enscape Material Library

  • Why doens't Enscape has its own material list, like V-ray has ?
    I'm struggling to find the right materials, and when I find them, it takes to much time to manually adjust them.
    Would be sooo easy to work with.

    Don't get me wrong, I just looove Enscape and I probably won't go back to V-ray, but I still have to use V-ray materials and
    I don't want to do that.

  • Hi,

    My suggestion is to make a semi transparent material. name it like SHADE or such.
    today are very common and used regularily shades of thin material, either thin metal, fabric, or even paper. they are regularily applied to building openings, and it could be an useful contribution to speed up model creation... Yet, since this is a very, "ultra" good engine for "render beginners" - they might not be accomodated to subtle material design.

  • Hi, I'm sorry for a delay...
    1) it could/would be some textile, or "lightly semi-transparent material"... with or without texture... [pic 1 and 2], or

    2) it can be "lightly (or variably) perforated", circular or quad holes. [pic 3 and 4].
    3) the same/similar material can be used for man/woman silhouettes ("avatars"), that I find more annoying to arrange - but are so often used in SketchUp.
    [pic 5 and 6].

  • Materials like milk glass or semi transparent emitters are very missed here too. A support of transparency textures is also missed (continuous transparency from 0%...100%).

    Also metallic lacquer should be on a good material library. So, often I still use Vray, since I can't show the materials that my interior designer clients need. Very much I hope the Enscape development will bring materials more in focus.

    The metallic car paint (a mix of metal and plastic) shouldn't be a problem to implement, since I was able to create the desired look by a trick. It was quite good working, also in real time. I'm disappointed that this test never got some attention by the team.

  • 1) Currently light is not affected as it passes through a transparent material, so until this is implemented the best you can do is make it an emissive material and/or provide some back-light to make it look right.

    2) The perforation is not a problem; just add a texture transparency - I use this for a trampoline enclosure in one of my components. (Only issue as Micha mentioned is that it's B&W rather than a greyscale)

    3) The only thing I see 'missing' is the outline; simply adding a transparency will give you the see-through look. If (when?) the above gradual transparency is implemented then a really simple rectangle image could be used with the 'face me' option.