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  • I would like to see a way to "Update" a panorama that would over-write the one already registered at that panorama position and over-write the one uploaded to the cloud.

    (If the UID web link has already been given or embeded into documents I just want to change the model, re-render and tell the person with the link to re-load rather than having to take one down, upload the next, update all the web links and tell everyone that it was sent to that there is a new one.)

    There is a request to batch render panoramas, but it would also be handy to batch up-load them for a project.

    It would also be nice to title them during the 'loading' splash.

    And *really* cool would be the function to add 'hotspot' links to multiple panoramas within the same model (Where each "panorama position" was marked as an over-lay on every other panorama that could be clicked on to load that one.

    And/or upload a map of the model/project with each panorama position tagged/pinned/marked so that they can be clicked on in an overlay.

    I would also like to see the panoramas automatically added into the favorite scenes.

  • Just as a quick addendum;

    The current method of saving assumes that each project has a unique name and groups by the file name. Unfortunately I tend to use the same file names in different project folders, so Enscape groups the panoramas from multiple projects together. It would be better if these were flagged as special 'scenes' that are saved with the project (Why would I want to view panoramas from other projects? If I do then I can view them in the same way as I view images from other projects - don't get why panoramas think they are so special.)

    It would also be useful to set an expire time limit for uploads, both for storage maintenance and to force clients to get back in touch. (Include custom expiry message.)

  • I now have over 130 panoramas and find that loading the panorama manager is quite slow; I assume it loads them all when it opens... I'm not sure why? I can't think on a scenario where would I want to load/view/export a panorama that was unrelated to the currently open project?