How to get 3D warehouse models into Enscape custom assets

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  • Hi all,

    I'm interested in creating a few custom assets in Enscape, using existing 3D models which I've taken from 3D warehouse to use in Vectorworks. Currently I do this by downloading and then importing a sketchup model into VW directly, which works fine, albeit it can be rather graphics-card-heavy to render the high poly models.

    I see from the recent Enscape blog ( that assets can be brought into Enscape to be added to the custom library, but only in certain file formats. So my question is, does anyone know a easy way to convert something from being a Sketchup model file to one of the file types accepted by Ensacpe (.obj, GLTF or FBX)? I don't have a Sketchup licence, so I can't open items from 3D warehouse in there and save as something else. And I can't see a way to take something out of VW into those formats, unless I'm missing something.

    If anyone else has figured out how to do this then it would be great to hear.


  • That is a question that I also liked to see answered