Incredibly poor performance on Web Standalone exports, including older ones that used to run fine

  • Hi there,

    Been racking my head about this for a while, but as of the past month I'm getting awful performance on all of our web exports. I thought it was just the model I was working on, then I went back and checked all my past uploads and they are running awful too. Tested across a high end PC & a mac. Both my current project and the project from October get only around 2-3FPS at max, where in October the same exact model was easily hitting 30+ FPS in all browsers we tested on.

    As is, we can't use this feature at all until it's working, which is a bit of a shame. We prefer web standalones since most of our clients don't have powerful enough PC's to run the EXE standalones (which do run perfectly fine if PC has a GPU), or are mac users.

  • Hi skhayward

    Sorry to hear that. We will have a look.

    To workaround it, you can append runtime version string to the standalone URL to run it with an older version. This may not work with projects exported with newer version. I.e., standalone exported with 2.9 will very probably not work with 2.8 runtime.

    For 2.8.1 append ?runtimeVersion=

    For 2.7.1 append ?runtimeVersion=

    Hope it helps.

  • Changing the runtime to 2.8 indeed runs much better, thank you! But you are correct in that only projects saved out with 2.8 actually load. I may have to revert my enscape install in the meantime, at least for when its time to do a web export.