Texture-free Assets

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  • I avoided saying "white only", because we actually have a visual style template calling for entourage elements to be more of an Enscape-orange (don't ask), and also to do away entirely with texture (colour) on legitimate assets (mainly vegetation) wouldn't be ideal either.

    Either way, to be able to (have the option) to use Enscape to review our proposals in full texture, whilst populated asset elements can be set to "all colour", "all transparent", "all shiny" or whatever, (based on a material override assignment) would be very nice (in with some clients/sectors, an actual neccessity)

    Apologies if this has been asked before.

    EDIT I know the static workflow for 2-pass runs and using the material masks is easier enough - but that's still a couple of hoops in post... and doesn't address (our more common use of) live/export walkarounds.

  • Just bumping this as a request. Please add material / colour overrides for people entourage. Would be really great for more diagrammatic views. Would be great to both have an option where the assets are in silhouette only and have no shadows as well as an option where they do have shadows to allow for a variety of diagram styles.

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    KMarren , forwarded, thank you.