1st try with Enscape

  • Colour me impressed!

    I got the Enscape demo at about 10am and within 3 hours I had produced renders I would be happy to show a client. I currently use Twilight for rendering and have been happy with it rendering my images in about 30mins a view but the same model in Enscape rendered all 16 views in 30mins! I know I can do a lot better simply by the fact that I'd only had the previously mentioned 3hours experience.

    The 2nd model I tried (same day) in Enscape was taking 14hours per image! to render in Twilight simply because of the amount of glass involved but again Enscape blew me away by rendering 12 views in about 20mins.

    Even if we do no more than the std renders we've been doing its a massive win, the additional features (panoramas, exe export etc) are going to be iceing on the cake .

    Up until I tried Enscape we were seriously looking at a £3000 renderer ..... but not anymore :)


    Before I invest time and money in any piece of software I always check out the forum to get a feel for the user base and developer involvement .... I really like what I see here :thumbsup:

  • Paul Russam I'd recommend to check out our horizon presets in the "Atmosphere" tab of our settings add more realism to the scene.

    You can load in your custom skyboxes as well: https://enscape3d.com/knowledgebase/skybox-as-a-background/