enscape 3D model in rhino to 360 or vr video- HELP!

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  • Hi! I am messing around with exporting my 3D models (built in Rhino) to mobile VR and I am confused on how to achieve this in a reasonable way (So far i have spent a lot of time searching and experimenting options without success) .... My final goal is to have a client view several areas of the 3D model effortlessly, and not kill myself in the process of generating the views. I thought I can do this in one of two ways: A) either a series of 360 panoramas viewed one after another or B) video walk through of the model compatible for upload to VR on youtube..

    In more detail - Scenario A:

    I would like to use several enscape panoramas of the 3D model and show them one by one in a way that does not involve taking off the mobile headset evey time and clicking on the next link, but rather just using the heaset's outer button. Is this possible at the moment with Cardboard or some kind of Enscape web standalone hosting (less prefferred) OR maybe you know an existing reliable website / app that can do this?
    on that last note: I saw a previous post which said roundme.com (this website is shady and never loads) , and Sketchfab [seems] only possible if you pay ..

    In more detail - Scenario B:

    I work in Rhino, so with enscape I can export the video walk thru but this does not make it a VR video... So it's useless in Google Cardboard..I suppose there are ways to convert it and I have been reading a million blogs on this but I am not really getting far.

    The main problem is Rhino of course, because I know that if my model was in Unity or Blender I can easily do it.. but now all my models are in Rhino and to export everything is a definite nightmare since materials and lighting mapping is an issue that involves a lot of manual labor. So my question is - can't enscape somehow make those video walkthroughs VR videos? Or is there already a way to do that easily? (hoping for that) It doesn;t seem so hard for a developer to do this... (but obvs i'm a noob, so maybe i'm wrong there..) Please help!!


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    Hey elbon , it seems to be rather hard to find anything useful at the moment when it comes to creating VR panorama tours for a smartphone. Still, can you let me know whether you're using an Android or iOS device? Then I can research some corresponding apps and make sure it'll be compatible.

    This isn't a problem for desktop use since Marzipano exists as an example (perhaps that would be an alternative as it supports smartphones, but not in combination with VR) - at least for now, there is also no reliable way we're aware of when it comes to creating 360-degree videos just using our panoramas. If there is anything I'll stumble on which may help with either scenario, I'll let you know of course.

    I'll also add your upvote to the feature request for supporting 360-degree video exports on our agenda.