Issue with Activating License

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  • Hi

    I recently downloaded the update of Enscape (last version I had was update in May 2020)

    After the installation completed, I fired up Revit to give it a test drive only to be met with a notification prompting me to enter a license key (it says I am in evaluation mode).

    This is a similar occurrence that has happened before with updates. Typically, I just re-enter my key and I am all set. However, this time I am running into trouble.

    I have provided images (see attachments). But basically, it is a fixed seat, and for some reason, when I enter the key it tells me that it is applied but not activated because I have exceeded the number of seats for my license? My computer is the only computer that is associated with this license, I have tried to deactivate the license and remove it, then add it again, all to no avail. I have copied the key from my Customer Center and even manually typed it in, still nothing is working.

    I am wondering if this is a potential issue because I am now working remotely due to COVID-19. I am connecting through a VPN to access my desktop computer, but perhaps when I am entering or removing the key it is not doing so for the "Machine Fingerprint" associated with the fixed seat.

    Has another had any issues with this as well?

    Or perhaps could offer some insight?

    In the images attached I have hidden sensitive information for privacy purposes.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Enscapers!