interaction with doors

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  • there was a post in the main section of the forum about doors what got me thinking

    i use doors that are not in the category doors (has it's reasons)..

    Would be nice if you could add a parameter and fill it with door or something ... so enscape knows not to put a boundery around that element.

    that way you could also walk through other objects like curtains for example.

    An other option would be that you add triggers.... like you have an element for sound.

    this triggerbox you can add an ID of an object and set a parameter you want to change.

    this way you don't have full animation, but you could change a state of an object. door open checked on or off for example..
    Of course enscape need to load both states of the model, that maybe the tricky part, not sure how enscape handles that now in the background.

    • Official Post

    Thanks a lot - we already have some feature requests filed for this subject on our agenda, as always I'll gladly forward your feedback and upvote. :)