How to render exterior with light showing from interior

  • Hi!

    Very new with enscape. I'm sorry if the title is not clear enough, but what I want to achieve is to render this outside view, with interior light. (Currently as you can see the shadow is very dark inside)

    I have tried using enscape light , give the lamp inside some self lumination, but the result is still looking similar to this.

    Giving it a sphere light did not help with the strong shadow too, making it look like the store having no interior lights.

    Any help would be appreciated!

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  • I'm not anexpert either but to me it looks like You have set up a very bright daylight sceen there.. Do You want to make a day render? In the shiny weather there even well lighted interiors will look simply dark.. You should make more Evening time render.. or cloudy day or something.. In Visual Settings You should reduse Sun Brightness maybe increase Artificial Light Brightness (but thats relative)..

    I generally ignore any light when making day render (don't really make interiors)

    I will attach my presets from evening sceen.. You can use it as reference point .. start from there.. I put some othere presets too, mabe some will we unexpectedly usefull..

    Sphere light in general will give rather strong shadows.. try ies.. If You new to ENS.. You can load presets in Visual Settings > Presets > Load Presets > Load From File

    PS Cheers from 구리

  • To me it really is mostly setting of a day time.. Which is correctly.. See any photo taken on bright day.. windows are actually dark grey even if inside light is on.. lightballs basicly a brighter pixel..




    All on default settings.. on the evening conditions change rather quick so it is a bit difficult to hit the right spot..