Wish list from Cadschool

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  • I use Vectorworks Landmark and Spotlight and have been teaching others to use it for the past 25 years!

    Main features that I would like to see integrated with Vectorworks and Enscape are as follows:

    • Image props are objects that always face the camera. They are often used as plants and trees in Landmark. Can we have them supported such that they face the camera in Enscape too
    • Clip cubes and sectioned models are not supported at the moment - it would be brilliant to have them supported to show cutaways and true internal sectional elevations
    • Visible light beams would be really useful for Spotlight users and those doing exhibition design or show lighting.
    • We use Renderworks backgrounds in Vectorworks which equate to Skyboxes in Enscape - can we have an automatic transfer to Enscape?
    • Your assets don't work when embedded in Vectorworks objects like groups and symbols. If an asset like a tree could be embedded in a plant object or symbol then it would integrate well with normal Vectorworks workflow
    • Can we have 360 videos like Twinmotion and Vectorworks itself can render
    • A quick way of integrating the enscape rendering to a viewport on a Vectorworks sheet that updates when the model is changed.

    I think that is it for the moment!

    You have created a great product which gives almost the same quality as Renderworks but in real-time!

    More integration Vectorworks current workflow is what we are after!

    I did a webinar last Thursday which was well received - here are a couple of images from it:

    (apologies - I put this post originally in the wrong place!)