Enscapeclient.exe crashing out on open

  • Hi All,

    After a recent upgrade we are having an exported scene crash out on our mobile platform. The file was previously exported under an earlier version and worked fine, but the export from the new version will not even open.

    We have run through all system updates, and ensured that the system specs are met, even tried running in compatibility mode/as administrator, as windowed and off the most powerful GPU, and are still having an issue.

    We have tried the scene on various desktop workstations and it works well (even on machines with GPU'S well under specification), it just will not work on the mobile. Laptop is a specced out Precision 5520.

    Has anyone had anything similar happen?

  • Hi KTA I would bet on outdated drivers of your graphics card.

    If theupdate of your graphics driver won't help, please send following logs to support@enscape3d.com:

    Enscape log files are located either in:

    C:\ProgramData\Inreal Technologies\Enscape\Data\Logs

    - or -


    I would recommend you to send us such requests directly on support@enscape3d.com in the future as we possibly have to take a close look at your individual system configuration.