Owned Licenses management

  • Hi to the Enscape team!

    I think it would be useful to have the possibility to revoke a license from a machine directly from the online panel, so one can operate on his licenses without the need to have access to the machines at the same time.

    Now I must revoke the license I have on my home pc but I'm at work using the notebook. So to use Enscape I must wait til tonight, revoke the license and call it on the notebook.

  • You have to deactivate your fixed seat license locally on the specific workstation before you can activate it again on a second one.

    I recommend you to purchase a floating license.

  • I know this is on the development agenda but I want to make sure that you bump it up. It's really a pain in the rear end to not have this feature. I teach at the U of M and often my Enscape license is still active on my home desktop PC and I'm stuck with an unlicensed version on my laptop while teaching. I've loaded a Chrome Remote desktop so I can log into my home workstation and de-activate the license but this is a band aid fix. If we had the ability to just check out the license online like the Rhino zoo license server or Vray license server that would be a simple (for the end user) solution.