A rounded edge option

  • Having Enscape round the edges of our model is a much needed feature for us. I can see this being a 2-part feature:

    1. A global parameter in the enscape visual settings that is controlled by a slider. The higher the slider, the more rounded all edges in the model get.

    2. A material-specific parameter that overrides the global rounded edges parameter. It could work in a similar way that enscape detects grass via the material name. This could let us control how rounded specific materials are (aka, "Round_Edge_1", "Round_Edge_2", "Round_Edge_2", etc.). However, as mentioned in a previous post, it would be preferable for enscape to look for these material parameters in the material comment field, not the material name. This is because revit uses the material names to drive schedules and tag drawings.

    Thanks for all your hard work Enscape team!

    P.S. I miss being able to track these feature requests in the old Enscape Trello board :)

  • With the time you are saving in rendering with Enscape, you can afford to spend a little more time modeling it properly ;)

    (Sarcasm aside, I think it would be cool, but personally I can't think on a time I would use it rather than spend an extra few clicks to put a bevel on things.)

    and not only extra work but not having every corner rounded would make the scene lighter, easier to manage

    For sure 1up+