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  • When I make some windows as a glued component in sKetchup then If I will erase, hide, or turn off layer on which is that component then the face to which window was glued to stays with the hole in it.. it doesn't update..

    Maybe ENS doesn't update becouse it waits for signal from sketchup to update it .. and in sketchup actually the face doesnt change... it can be something with the observer.. I don't wont to pretend that I am wiser then I am.. I think there was some other cases when geometry was not updating.. usually inside of groups etc.. this is fresh for me so I wrote it.. other cases maybe someone else will add..

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    Hey Tomasz Drgas ,

    Thank you for reporting this!

    Let me clarify please, would you expect the holes to be closed when hiding the layer the windows are on? Or the whole wall to disappear? What happens in SketchUp?

    Can you upload a sample file for me to WeTransfer so I can have a look? Send me a PN with the download link please. Thanks!

  • Sorry it is not on We transfer but...


    What do I expect is pretty simple.. For ENS Preview window to show the same what I see in sKetchup..

    In sKetchup the opening which is cut by glued component is filled after it is deleted, hidden or layer is turned off.. actually in case of the layer it is not comlitly true.. it works when geometry is in main space but not when it is in some other group or component.. in this case it works like in Enscape. You have to go inside of this group to force it to refresh.. But this is the only case in sKetchup while in ENS it is never refreshed untill you remove and paste again the geometry You wish to update.. (Delete and Ctrl+Z works too).