standalone exe and various thoughts

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  • hello! :)

    lately I tried the enscape's stand alone feature and I must say it's really impressive !

    I modelled a 120sqm apartment in Sketchup , I wanted it to be a bit detailed (yet lightweight) so I used ALOT enscape assets and I proxied all the models that I imported from the 3d warehouse's site !

    the final ''proxied'' sketchup file is 20mb but the standalone is 260 mb ! Obviously , the ''proxy trick'' didn't work 100% with the stand alone exe ,I guess... ( I wanted a relatively small stand alone file) ...

    When I open the stand alone file , I am 90% happy mostly because when I walk inside the apartment I get some noise and I need to stop in order to see the final quality ...

    My pc specs are good (16core -amd 3950x, 128gb ram , 3080 rtx) and still I can't get the smooth feel during the walkthrough (like unreal engine for example ) .. I understand that nothing is baked

    but if in my pc the result is not smooth ... I don't want to know what is gonna happen in my clients crappy laptop ...:rolleyes:

    ( I think , it's a pity when you try to impress your client, when you worked really hard , you sent the standalone file ...and the client previews your project in draft quality...)

    Said that, I think that the standalone feature is hard to make it work (because of client's hardware) unless you have to do a simple preliminary design.

    The web standalone's limitations (draft quality , poor reflections ) isn't a good solution either (at least for me ..)!

    Due the corona virus, 1-1 meetings are hard to get with clients ... you must sent a file ... and win the client without being present ...!

    So the questions are :

    1. When the web standalone's quality will be better ? :)

    2. maybe ''the bake mode'' is the best way the achieve something lightweight and still smoothly visible from a tablet or cellphone (?) / shapeshark is a good example

    ps. I am attaching some quick renders from the test project...

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    Hey lef80 ,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

    Please keep in mind Enscape is still a real-time rendering engine, so complexity of your models and textures has an effect.

    If you fill your model with lots of high-detail, high-poly models and high-resolution textures, ANY graphics card will have troubles executing it fluently. This is probably where your noise comes from.

    Also, smart idea to proxy the high detail models, but this will only improve your SketchUp performance. The Exe Standalone produced by Enscape still has to contain all the models in full quality, all textures, and also the Enscape Engine and 3D assets, so that's why it wouldn't help.

    To answer your questions:

    1. We can't just increase the web standalone quality anyway we wish. First, it's written in an entirely differen system (WebGL) than Enscape, so we don't have the same tools to craft the same high quality. But this is also the reason why it can run in a browser. If we were able to achieve the same quality in the Web Standalone, it wouldn't perform any better than regular Enscape, either.

    2. Thank you for your feedback. I have added your vote to our internal system.

    For corona-compliant user meetings, have you thought about holding a web meeting with your clients and sharing your screen while showcasing Enscape?

    Not the fanciest, but a very viable solution.