Video Textures not Displaying Irregardless to How Small Or Large File Is Also Video texture is Not Ever Scaled Correctly

  • Hey Enscape team and community I am having many issues trying to figure out how to get the video textures to work... can the Enscape team make a slate of new Help Videos on Youtube using the most recent version of enscape so people aren't so lost all the time?.. I am having issues with the video textures not showing and also the only image i get in sketchup always is distorted either too big or too small.. i have to resize in the material section of sketchup but it doesn't help much and it never seems to fit in the picture frame or tv correctly.. and then it has never shown a video in enscape from the video textures.. no mater the size of the the video it does not show.. tried turning off the RestMode but that doesn't do anything the video still doesn't play.. what are the approved file formats such as mp4 and m4a and such? Please help! Thank you so much! also does it mater the size of The Video Texture file? can you please make video in english that shows how to correctly and efficiently make a video texture for a tv using the most current version of enscape.. thank you! Happy New Year! :thumbsup:

  • ThatOneArchie vXv , thanks a lot for your feedback and I'm sorry to hear about these problems.

    We're looking into creating more tutorial videos in the future, for each topic including video textures. Be aware that this feature is also still a WIP.

    Is there any chance you could simply share the TV/picture frame model with me (or the whole project of course), plus the video texture file(s)? Then I can 1. make it fit 2. troubleshoot why the video textures may not be playing on your machine. Usually, it's recommended to use .mp4 files, a plethora of different codes are supported and there should normally not be any issues. Again, in this case, the video file would be great to have so that I can perhaps convert it if required, and check out the internal codec of the file to see if that creates the problem. The size of the file should not matter.

    You can upload both the TV/picture frame model and video file(s) via for example and send me the link to the files via a DM. Thanks!