Feature request: Simulate drives by having a car dashboard on the walker

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  • Hi all,

    Is there a way to add a dashboard (the front half of a car) or car around the "walker"/"camera" so that we can simulate driving around a model with roads?

    Useful for making virtual:

    • Driving directions, where to park, turn here, turn there...
      • VIP entrance video tour/guide for events with special entry for guests
    • Driving tours of large properties
    • For events where parking lots turn in to mazes, make precise driving directions...

    And along those lines, helmets, other props? Submarine domes for underwater simulations, etc... many possibilities... airplane cabins/cockpits...

    openmaps, cadmapper, etc allow to import city roads, buildings, terrain, etc.

    Of course, a quick way (without calculated and matching lights, reflections, and shadows) could be to add static ones within a video editor... but, not the same...


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    Thanks a lot ASxJ2099 , I will forward your special request accordingly to our product management department. :) Let me know in case there is anything else you like to add to this in the future!