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    Check out this tutorial here for example. :) We plan to create our own tutorials as well, in the meantime the linked video should act as a good introduction. Feel free to also check out our Enscape knowledgebase article for SketchUp Materials here as well if you haven't already.

    If any further specific questions arise, feel free to ask anytime!

  • Hi Demian,

    Adding textures is not the problem. i want to know wich texture i have to upload in the enscape material?

    downloaded textures from CCO: the map contains several jpg / png. In which map should i upload the different types?


    is there a overview list with what the names mean?

    sorry for my bad englisch writing...

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    Rebrand0778 , when it comes to textures being acquired from CCO it's as follows:

    color -> That's the Albedo map, import this as your first texture

    displacement -> Add this under Height as texture, make sure you set Displacement in the dropdown menu

    normal -> Same like displacement, but this time set it to Normal, but we recommend to use Displacement anyway since it allows for more realistic/complex results, feel free to try out both of course to see the differences

    ambient -> Not required or used by Enscape

    roughness -> Import this one as Roughness texture as the name implies

    Also, 1k can be enough depending on the material, if you acquire seamless textures especially. But if possible you can also go with the 2k ones. :)

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    Thanks Demian!

    Anytime! If anything is unclear still, please let me know since we have not produced that many tutorial videos ourselves! I'm always happy to help.

  • see: for Revit

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    see: Enscape Community Forum for Sektchup

    Enscape Video Texture Test : Enscape Version 2.9.0-preview.5+30723

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    Rebrand0778 In SketchUp you can just add a video file instead of the Color (Albedo) Texture. Instead of an image file, just load the video file.

    Does this help?

  • Hi, maybe you can help with this.

    I have been working on my machine at my desk and added some video textures and made some materials emissive all through the 'Enscape Materials' editor. They all work great! However, I just went to a different machine in our office and opened up the same model and all the materials I edited in the 'Enscape Materials' editor no longer show up. This leads me to believe all the editing I did on my machine is being saved locally. Is there anyway to save these materials to the project file just like you can do with presets? This way no matter what machine I open the project on, the materials will show properly?

    Thanks for your help,


  • Problem solved. The problem was on my end - the video texture mp4 file was saved locally on my machine and not on our server.