Translucent Wall Over-ride

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  • It would be helpful if an Enscape model could be set to override all walls to translucent. The aim is to allow the viewer to see what is inside the wall and partially what is on the other side but still see where the wall is in context - albeit in a ghosted version of its original material.

    The reason I am doing this is that I am Revit modelling installation models that have various conduits, backboxes etc that are located inside walls. And having this feature would enable me and my installation team to see how they are routed and easily see if there is anything else in the wall like structural members that may obstruct the routing of our content.

    Thank you.

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    Darkitect , thanks a lot for your request - just to get a bit of a better understanding regarding how you imagine this implementation: Would you like to define a certain material, which includes a keyword for example, and then with the click of a button the walls turn transparent, another click on said button and they become fully opaque again? Or would you like some kind of mode that would detect walls in the scene automatically? Let me know and afterward, I'll forward your request.

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    I think a simple on/off option to change all wall materials to translucent.

    I'll forward it, thanks a lot!