VR Graphics Card - 2060 v. 2070

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  • I am in the process of upgrading my laptop and I seem to be stuck between two options.

    1. An RTX 2060 with a 4k screen

    2. An RTX 2070 with an HD screen

    Both have the same RAM and 10th gen i7 processor. I prefer the function of the 4k touch screen but do VR work and was just wondering if the 2060 would still hold up just fine? Rendering times taking a little bit longer don't necessarily bother me as I have been working with a GTX mobile graphics card, but for me it is hard to judge just how different the 2070 is from the 2060.

  • The 2070 is definitely noticeably better and if you work in VR a lot you'll really appreciate the extra headroom. I have a 2080 laptop and I still run into performance problems on enscape with VR on anything over medium settings, requiring me to need to drop my render resolution by up to 50% on an Index (which to be fair, is a pretty high resolution headset).

    For what it's worth, if you're looking at a laptop that is ~15" screen size, then I think the 4K is a bit of a waste. It'd be hard to notice at that screen size. However, I think if you're using a bigger laptop then the 4K will be a bit more useful, especially for productivity.

    If you're fine running your VR at a lower resolution or draft/medium settings, then the 2060 can still do it well, depending on model complexity. I don't use the VR feature enough personally, and would be fine with a 2060 if I was in your shoes. I'd probably use VR a lot more if collaboration tools/virtual meeting tools were a thing with it though! Right now its only useful to get a sense of scale for personal design review.

  • skhayward Thank you!!! To be fair I don't do a ton of VR work, and my files are relatively small when doing so. Another question is just doing regular renderings, if I am wanting to export them (take screenshot) at a higher resolution, I was taught that one can only do that if their screen was that resolution as well. I have been doing still images at HD and not Ultra because i do not have a 4k screen, and would like to do 4k renderings. Would the 4k screen affect that at all?