Carpets & other clever materials

  • HNY ALL!

    I can't imagine I'm the first to observe this - but nor did I find anyone bringing it up, so a small point/query re: carpet...

    Firstly, I feel the FAQ needs some re-wording; since it uses the term "keywords" but not with respect to Revit's material (appearance tab) dialog's "Keyword" section - this can/does confuse.

    Further, the confusion is exacerbated by unexpected behaviour, namely: Enscape's swap-out for grass/carpet (and water, though not exampled here) acts differently - where, it would seem "grass" is found in material names akin to a *grass* wildcard, where "carpet" does not.

    (see thumbnails)

    > (doesn't swap out) (does swap out)

    (does swap out) (does swap out)

    The behaviour of a material name featuring the "keyword" "search term" is obviously (for me, but I suspect most others) the more ideal

    Some clarification (in the FAQ) and a resolution of this disparity (in behaviour in the next release) would be most appreciated

    Of course, happy to be corrected if I've misinterpreted the guidance / missed a trick!

  • snowyweston , pardon me, I did not send my prepared reply! My colleague responsible for the Knowledgebase has taken note and will see what he can do to make this more clear and less confusing - thank you so much for taking the time to bring this up.