Feature Request: A toggle layers, or objects, for WiFi Heatmap or other overlays on floors

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  • Hi all,

    I have been integrating WiFi heatmaps in SketchUp and Enscape and the results have been welcomed by IT teams... They had "never seen" something like that before... usually all WiFi Signal Heatmaps are only 2D and on flat, and often not very nice looking, floor plans... Having them in 3D space on actual models of buildings and parking lots, etc, is like magic for some people. Also helps with planning on mounting locations for WiFi Access Points, indoors and outdoors.

    Having said that, I hereby request a feature for the Exporter to EXE and for Web to have a side panel or floating button that extends and shows layers/objects/features that can be turned ON/OFF. That way, when people tour a virtual model they can preview and plan where to put items like furniture, or see if concrete columns, for example, are blocking WiFi signal and plan accordingly... Also would work great for actual walks of locations on a tablet and the web model...

    Being able to turn layers/objects On and Off brings several possibilities.

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    Thank you very much for your valuable feedback ASxJ2099 , we already have a feature request on our agenda to allow you to turn layers/objects and such on and off in standalones, or even more easily through Enscape as well. I have added your feedback and upvote to the topic accordingly. :)