Video editor - pause camera

  • Hi

    I'm trying to setup a fly-though video, but i'm having some problems.

    Is it possible to make a camera pause the camera for a few seconds and then start again?

    Somehow the video editor could be more intuitive - just not sure how :-)

    I thought that I could pull the arrowheads on the timeline, to adjust the time between the keyframes...



  • I'm assuming you're working with our current Preview version?

    Dragging the keyframes on the timeline is not possible, however to change the timestamp of a keyframe check the timestamp box and adjust the timeband slider to your desired timestamp. A pausing camera on a position would be 2 keyframes on the same position but with different timestamps.

  • The reworked video path feature has not been officially released yet - that's why the documentation does not reflect those changes yet. Please be aware that you're working with a Preview version that is still under development.


    How do i add an extra keyframe the exact same place as the first keyframe?

    First please update to the latest Preview version we've released today, as there were some bugfixes regarding the video path.

    If you want to append a keyframe on the same position as the last one, simple press the Add keyframe button again after rotating the camera's view.

    If you want to add a keyframe with a different rotation in between existing keyframes, select the previous keyframe, so that you're in edit mode (with the safe-frame indicator) , press the append button, rotate the camera and than confirm.

    Starting the video preview from a specific keyframe is planned, but not implemented yet.

    Hope that helps :)

  • Thanks for the reply Clemens Musterle

    I will try that.

    A function to go fast forward and backwards is a must - maybee just a simple icon in the bottom of the preview window, that one can grab with the mouse and drag left and right.

    I will try to see if I can setup my first (in this version) video :-)

    And you are right - i keep forgetting that i'm testing preview versions :-)