Alpha channel in Tiff map causes hard crash, Enscape for Revit

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  • Hi,

    I encountered a bug in Enscape for Revit a few days ago. I was using Enscape 2.9 and Revit 2018.3. In a project which always loads well into Enscape, I created a new Revit material and gave it new maps, including two greyscale Tiff maps: a bump and a glossiness (specular). I applied it to a few objects. When I started Enscape, it caused a hard crash: no mouse movement, I had to press the power button for a few seconds. After restarting the computer, Revit and Enscape, the exact same problem happened.

    I opened my Tiff maps in Photoshop and realised that one of them (the glossiness if I remember well) had an alpha channel. Effectively it had two channels: greyscale and an alpha. I deleted the alpha, saved and restarted Enscape, and now it worked fine.

    I guess this is low-priority, but could you look into it? It may be computer-specific. I'm using a MacBook Pro 16" with the Radeon Pro 5600M card, and the latest Boot Camp, Windows and drivers.

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    Thank you very much for your report, much appreciated.

    Can you please kindly send us a dedicated feedback report as described here:…sing-the-feedback-button/

    Through your log files and/or machine information we'll then be able to find out the exct cause behind this crash.

    In the submission form you can also kindly include the text you're written here, or simply add the link to this Forum thread for context. Thank you very much in advance! :)