Wish: global emitter brightness control

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  • Hi,

    since the light intensity control of the host softwares are quite limited we got a light brightness control. Nice addition!

    For the emitters the same situation exist, the control is limited. Couldn't an emissive brightness control added to the advanced options too?

    Example: a well adjusted complex scene. A lot of lights and the sky are adjusted, but only some new emitters are at the upper limit and not bright enough. Now the only way is to decrease all lights, all exist emissive materials and the sky so that the exposure can be increased and the new emitters get more power. A global emissive control would be a big help.

    An other way to get more power to the emissive materials would be to apply a non linear intensity relation like know from the Rhino lights.


    • Official Post

    Hi Micha a SketchUp like material editor for Rhino which will allow more control over emissive materials will find its way into one of our upcoming releases soon! Thank you for your feedback. ;)