Reflections - how are assets chosen?

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  • Hi all,

    Hope everyone is well!

    A quick query about reflections, I did search and couldn't find an answer, but I may have missed it!

    How are assets that are included in reflections chosen? Is it object complexity? Distance from the camera? Camera angle?

    See the first image below, the building reflection is missing cars (blue outline) and distant trees etc (green outline), but some cars which are further away are visible in the reflection where cars closer to the camera are not (red outline).

    In the second image, the camera is rotated slightly right and everything has vanished other than kerb geometry which is still reflected (green outline) but everything else is just a shadow. What is it about kerbs that lets them be included, but the cars and trees etc is excluded? ON another view, cars are missing in the reflection but some of the bushes further away than the cars are visible.

    Is there anyway to reduce the shadows in reflections? Shadows without the corresponding objects to case them looks a little weird.

    Render quality is ultra, I'm using an 2080ti RTX.

    Thanks for any thoughts and I do appreciate how technically tricky it must be to calculate realtime relfections!

  • Hi BarryFishFinger

    Sorry for the late reply.

    The reflection algorithm filters out objects from reflections based on distance, scale and complexity as you already mentioned.

    Having objects behind the camera as seen in the 2nd picture is also a factor.

    This is somewhat a limitation of real-time rendering but we are constantly trying to improve this behavior.