Workflow conncection between Archicad and rhino

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  • Hello,

    is it possible to copy assets from archicad to rhino, to sketchup or other direction? the idea is that everyone who's part of the project can use his favourite tool. for the process does it means - One can model people in sketchup, one can model buildings in archicad and the mastermodell is might be in rhino.. this would be the perfect workflow... is it possible?

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    dns, while you have the Custom Asset Library tab open, you can select a dedicated shared folder, on a network drive for example:

    This way everyone who has said selected shared folder selected should be able to also see and be able to make use of all the Assets which were created to that folder. Hope that helps!

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    the custom asset function is a nice feature!

    what i mean is, you create a geometry in rhino and it would automatically placed at the same position in Archicad....

    the other point to switch the enscape materials from one to another tool...

    I see now, thanks for clearing that up. I have forwarded your feature request accordingly!