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  • Hello guys,

    I am trying to add a video texture on a glass surface (like a transparent LED TV).

    Imagine that I modelled an object on sketchup and I rendered a video showing this object and now I want to apply this video texture on a glass panel, but I don`t want to see a white or black background from enscape, I want to see just the object itself moving (because it is a video) on the glass surface. is it possible?

    Thank you

  • I am also curious about this, is it possible to have a transparent background on a video of a waterfall, water blast, or fire? Would be a really useful tool to give life to an environment. Thanks for the post Dora, sorry I don't have the answer.

  • As per another thread on the forum, videos in Enscape don't support alpha channels yet. Its a feature I wish they would add asap to better utilize the new video texture feature. No word on whether its coming in a near future update.

  • BUMP

    Damien and team

    Any idea on when video textures will support alpha maps, even its just albedo it would be helpful for doing fires and transparent shop windows.


    I wish I had more information to share at the moment, but I do not for now - I've still forwarded this accordingly to be brought into discussion again. +4 upvotes to the topic as well, thank you all!