Feature Request: Xbox Controller, second button mapping switcher, warp to object functions

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  • Hi all,

    I've been looking into using the XBox controller more while I work with Enscape... I noticed, at least on my XBox One controller (not a 360, not Series X), the Right Analog Stick, when pressed, it centers the view instead of the listed button on the "Help" panel that has the two small squares (double-square button).

    Having said, that, can we use the double-square button as a toggle for using a second button mapping scheme? This is related to the other request to record the camera movement generated from the XBox Controller...

    Second Button Mapping actions/modifiers for speed variations and dynamic camera movements:

    • Trigger buttons used for
      • Left Trigger: Easing the camera quickly to a keyframe
      • Left Button: Tilting the camera left (like a person leaning their head to take a peek from a door.)
      • Right Trigger: Easing the camera quickly from a keyframe into motion
      • Right Button: Tilting the camera left.
      • A button: for extra speed for larger models
        • Add a slider for value of accelerations
      • B Button: for reducing inertia (yeah, inertia) speed
        • Add a slider for value of breaking speed
      • X Button: Warp/Teleport close to object at center of screen
        • For when you want to do a very quick teleport-like movement within Enscape up to "X" feet/cm/meters/inches etc, of the object you are "aiming" the camera at...
        • When activated, Enscape creates a "bookmark" of the location you started the "warp" from to allow for Y button...
      • Y Button: undo Warp...
        • "Teleport" back to the initial location to continue with the video

    As an alternative to the "warp" / "Teleport" controller options that may be kinda hard to implement for complex models that have glass panels that could interfere with the aiming... create "reference" Enscape objects that will not be rendered in the final video, but that one can "warp" to when using the Xbox controller and pressing a button to activate the "warp" function while recording camera movements, move the camera around, to show features and render frames, then press the second button on the Xbox controller, and then "warp" back to the start point...


    • Use motion blur or other effects for keeping the end user well "awed".
    • If implementing with "reference" objects, the objects can have a "vector" or arrow to point the camera to upon "landing".
    • Going back to previous point can save the camera position before the warp OR point the camera in the opposite direction for a proper fly-back...

    All these options would allow for faster and more dynamic video tours and way less after-render video editing...

    Most of the videos created with Enscape have too "formal" movements that can be monotonous if the video is long... like tours of entire houses/properties...

    Reference List of different XBox controllers (some have extra buttons, called paddles, apparently, named P1, P2, P3, P4)


    EDIT: Here is another link to Microsoft where you can customize an Xbox controller with Assistive Technology switches for more refined control:


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    Thanks a lot for all the feedback ASxJ2099 , highly appreciated - I will forward everything you wrote here to our product management team for review. They'll then file it as a feature request and discuss it internally. If you want to add anything else to your request, in case you think of something else, let me know anytime. :)