Version 3.0

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  • in Visual Settings and Renderer Window Settings double click on slider doesn't anymore snap it in default position.. Could be intentional change so I just let You know. Personally liked that feature.

    I just noticed You made a revert arrow icon next to input field.. to make it more obvious I guess.. not everybody would think about double click to be the way of restoring something..

    Is there a dedicated thread for bug and fixes for every new version.. Every time some new comes out I just test again how shadows behave, where are which settings.. does ortho or 2PP works.. You change a lot to be honest.. means You develop a lot but .. It is almost like learning new program every time.. I like sKetchup because I learned it 10 years ago and it is still pretty much the same.. I honestly hate how quick things are changing..

    I'm not sure now if I should make that post..

    Maybe You could add the arrow and keep the double click feature too.. for older users who already fell for it..

  • Where do You save a Visual custom presets in 3.0.. it used to be in Visual Settings above all tabs on the left.. I can not find it there.. and not only there


    I like that Cloud Longitude and Latitude increase by 10 when scrolling.. 100 makes a bit big difference.