Why do view presets not include time-of-day and cloud position?

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  • It would be fantastic to be able to save time-of-day and cloud position within the enscape view presets. (specifically for Rhino)

    I find that after I close and open a model, load a view preset, and return to a specific time of day (aka *8:35am), the clouds can block the sun differently and the view can look very different.

    Can this be changed/added!? This would be very helpful if we are able to update design schemes and match the same exact lighting.

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    Thanks for your message and welcome to our Forum!

    First off, the time of day and cloud position should be saved in the view accordingly - please make very sure that you create the views through Enscape itself not Rhino. Also, please make sure that you are using our latest release as described here. If that doesn't help, could you perhaps send me 2 screenshots of both the same scene, same settings where you experience the different cloud formations?

  • I there, there might something I do wrong, but i cannot retrieve time settings when i save the view.

    This is my process.

    save rendering settings in enscape

    save the view with enscape command

    ACTIVATE star and the chain icon to lin the view to the settings.

    the exact time of the day is never assocaited to the view and I have to take a note and every time reset it again.

    is there another method?

  • Hi fEdeG

    As Demian mentioned, changing the time in Enscape and then creating a view with Enscape should save the time in the saved view.

    As we don't have any time parameter in our Visual Settings, it is not necessary to save and link these to a view.

    Could you tell me what CAD you are using to see if there is anything else that might help here?

  • The problem is: there is no way to update the time of day or camera position. You'd have to create a new view and link the settings to it every time you want to do an update (and then go find the old view and delete it).

    There's also no way at the moment to save sun overrides (ctrl U/I and alt U/I). They do not get saved when you create a new view.

    I think it would be much better if we had the option to save the time of day and camera position inside an 'enscape scene'.

  • This subject is very important as many professionals will need to iterate daylight simulations, reproduce animations with multiple camera lines in various weather conditions,..etc and most importantly, collaborate with other professionals! Therefore it should be expected that time-of-day, cloud positions, and moreover all render settings absolutely must be able to be saved out so that someone else can simply recall/load those precise settings and continue the work with 100% confidence that it will be entirely reproducible.

  • Hi Rick Marx , Demian Gutberlet

    Is there any progress made on this?

    We have been waiting for this feature for years now, hoping that with each new version, this basic feature would finally be added to Enscape Rhino.

    It's absolutely essential for our workflow that this is resolved sometime soon hopefully.

    I was disappointed that it was not addressed for 3.0.

    Appreciate your hard work and interaction with you user base. Thank you.

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    I'm afraid not - all I can say for now is that this is planned to come with our dedicated presentation mode, but I have also forwarded this to our product management team as well to make sure that this will be the case. I really wish I could say more at the moment, but that is all for now.