Custom asset library position was shifted when use Link Revit family to asset

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  • Hi, we are happy that you have the most important feature for us which is custom asset library. We made our asset using 3ds max export to FBX then we can import it in editor. We sure has put pivot point in the center of the model in 3ds max but after we create the asset successfully then link it to our revit family, the position of our asset is change, shifted to several meters away from the original position. It also shifted from our cursor away even we put it by default. It costs us more time just to fix the position since we can't use this Link Revit family to asset feature. Can you help and tell us how to arrange our custom asset pivot point to the center of the model?

    And another question is, can you make our custom asset name show in complete name? Because we have had to group our assets into some categories, so it will become long name for our assets.

    Thank you.

  • So, I was running into this issue last night trying the custom asset library myself for the first time. I've learned it's important that you make sure you correctly set your asset's origin inside your 3D editor to be exactly where you need (especially if you are pulling models from a big model pack), and also to check the scale. Blender (and the enscape asset importer) for example operates at a scale of 1 unit = 1 m, but for the assets I was using the scale the model was expecting 1 unit = 1cm.

    I had to make sure my model was isolated from the model pack I got it from into its own new project in blender, with the origin point of the asset correctly set (I just used the "snap origin to geometry" function). I also made sure to set the scale of the exported model to be at 0.10 instead of 1, to get the model into actual cm size and not meter size. Then on import to enscape, I double check the scaling it reports - if it says that the Z axis is 11.11m big for a coat, then I know I need to shrink the scale by moving the decimal so it'd read 1.111m big, which is scale-accurate. If your assets were made at a correct scale, you shouldn't need to adjust anything here other than moving a decimal place.

    After all the above, only then was I able to get the assets to spawn in at the correct position + scale.