Wild and tall grass - meadow

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  • hi everyone,

    i'm using enscape 2.5 right now in sketchup and i was wondering how i can render a surface with wild grass (like in a meadow)

    I put "wild grass" and "tall grass" as the name of the material and also changed the height of the grass, but it seems it doesn't change much.

    thank you in advance :)

  • usually i use skatter

    a try: with: Enscape Asset Library, would that be a solution

    -Rosemary Bush02
    - Grass

    Sketchup 2020 Enscape Preview version 3.0+4

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    Thank you for all the feedback of course as always - meadow areas and similar is a feature request on our agenda already with quite a bit of demand. I'll add your further upvotes to the story. And thanks for the tips Dadi !

  • HI guys, I see that the last reply to this was more than a year ago so I thought i'd refresh the converstion. We are presently using Enscape to design landscapes in our work and are designing more wildflower meadows into our schemes so I wondered if a new wildflower package was available yet?



  • Will call this up again for it's annual bump up the request ladder...

    Would be really great to have a solution (that sways in the breeze).

    In general, we're finding that our Landscape friends prefer Lumion for landscape rendering based on available assets.

    We've found a pretty good grass model online, but it REALLY bogs down the model... and needs some post processing... and it doesn't sway...