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  • Hello all,

    we have been using Enscape for the past 2 years and we just started playing around with the Skatter demo.

    We also use some plants downloaded from globe-plants for Sketchup which are placed in Sketchup as proxies and then we skatter them around.

    The size of the files is from 200-500 mb with the trees (the proxies are 4mb each approx. whereas the actual tree models are 250 mb each).

    When i am using SketchUp it works finem, i can place and move and edit the skatter groups easily and very fastly place new plants in the model.

    When i open Enscape though i get the 3 following issues - not in a specific order and not at the same time:

    1) If i work on sketchup, tidy up the model and then open enscape, it loads forever - stuck between 11-17% for a very long time and then if I am lucky it opens up in draft quality - then i go in settings and i can work it up to ultra high.

    2) Enscape loads up to 100% then it shuts down by itself.

    3) Enscape works fine for a bit, then if i have the window open and i insert a new proxy model in sketcup, then it crahses and shuts down.

    I dont think i should have that issue as i am using the following:

    Latest update of Enscape,

    latest Skatter

    Sketchup pro 2019

    AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12-CORE processor, 3800 MHZ

    RAM 64 GB

    GPU: RTX 2080 Ti ( Tha adapter RAM IS 1GB - i have no idea about the techincals but would that be an issue?)/

    Basically, if i have a design, 250-500 mb and then i insert a few tree models as proxies (i.e 50 tree models) i get either a hse loading time or it crashes.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you!

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    Welcome to our Forum dalianis architects ! I'm sorry to hear that you had to deal with those issues so far.

    It would best if you could kindly send us a dedicated feedback report as described here so that we can further troubleshoot the cause behind this:


    Also, you mentioned that "the adapter RAM is 1GB" - I'm not entirely sure what you mean by that, are you perhaps connecting the GPU externally or anything similar? If you could briefly go into detail when it comes to that then that would be great, because if Enscape would only be able to use 1GB VRAM of the usual 11GB then that would indeed be a big problem since Enscape requires at least 2GB of VRAM, more is better though.

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    Dear Demian thanks for the reply.

    Please find attached what I mean by the "the adapter RAM is 1gb). The gpu is installed properly in the Pc, its not external or anything like that.

    i have also sent the feedback as asked.

    That looks a bit strange at first but seems to be normal. My 3070 also only displays the same amount of adapter RAM so it should not be an issue. The feedback will be very helpful though, thanks a lot. My team will get back to you as soon as possible via the created case itself in order to resolve this!