Rendering Orthographic Views

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  • I don't seem to be able to render elevations anymore.

    In June 2020 I was able to render elevations with whatever the current version was at the time.

    I have had to re-visit those saved views as there have been changes to the design, but when I render using take a screenshot, all I get is a white box.

    I have seen that this is a known issue with v2.9 and there is a supposed "workaround" but this means I have to recreate the views, which is a problem as I just wanted to render and do a quick Photoshop edit.

    Recreating means the views will not matchup perfectly.

    I will have to install the old version to do this which is not ideal to say the least.

    Can you please fix this issue?

    • Official Post

    First off, can you kindly acquire our latest preview to see if that helps? We did already resolve a few problems when it comes to this behavior in this version - if it does not help, please simply get back to me for further troubleshooting.