Reflejos de vegetación y objetos ASSETS en superficies de espejo en Sketchup

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  • Hola!

    No sé si hay que escribir en inglés o se puede en otros idiomas. Pongo lo mismo en español e inglés ;)

    Cuando creo una superficie de espejo en Sketchup y detrás hay objetos de la biblioteca ASSETS de enscape, estos objetos no se reflejan en el espejo. Principalmente el problema lo encuentro en la vegetación porque es muy importante que se vea reflejada en las superficies metálicas, espejos y vidrios de los edificios y por el contrario no lo hace. No estoy seguro de si es un problema de Enscape o si es algo que estoy haciendo mal. Ayuda por favor!

    Muchas gracias.


    When I create a mirrored surface in Sketchup and behind it are objects from the enscape ASSETS library, these objects are not reflected in the mirror. Mainly the problem I find in the vegetation because it is very important that it is reflected in the metallic surfaces, mirrors and glass of the buildings and it does not do it. I'm not sure if it's an Enscape problem or if it's something I'm doing wrong. I am waiting for your answer. Help please!

    Thanks a lot

  • well i am not an expert but i have workaround , as you maybe know high poly or more low poly objects just cant reflect in whole geometry because of raytracing limits of enscape

    but if you want reflect trees shrubs etc just put some 2d png files at billboards and you can archieve nice reflections and for other views just hide it .

    this can be done for still images maybe with clever planning even for animations .

  • Thanks for your answer. That may be a solution for some models but when those billboards in the reflection interfere with the lighting, they cause unwanted shadows ... I am looking for the image of the light filtering in the vegetation and that can only be done with the real reflection of the objects (In my opinion). I hope enscape can correct its limitations soon because the images lose a lot of realism. Maybe there is another solution that we don't know about and enscape developers can tell us ...