Any tips for aerial renders in Sketchup?

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  • I find out very often that textures used for sKetchup are much to bright to look realistic in Render.. I mean those kind of textures like native sKetchup pebbles with very sharp shadowing.. Seems to me ENS render is more set up for PBR materials where Albedo map is quite dark and no shadows on it.. So all kind of shadowed textures will be probably to bright.. It is not big problem if You can adjust it sKetchup material editor.. Unfortunately for me I Have to keep them quite bright because we use plain sKetchup images mostly, sometimes some render (Twilight was working fine with that- appearance of material in render could be quite different than in sKetchup). So I usually make albedo in ENS Material Editor darker significantly,. sometimes I use Image Fade if I have to add some saturation.

    Maybe because I have original textures very bright I have to add a bit Tint Color.. without it reflections seems to be to bright on default white..