How to render "Exactly" your Sketchup Viewport.

  • Hi everyone.

    In my company, colleges often Struggel with -Re rendering- of viewpoints.

    in 3ds Max for example, you can turn on our "Save Frame", wich shows you exactly, which part of your viewport will get renderd when you press the renderbutton.. Now Enscape somehow tries to do this by taking the resolution from your viewport.. but it doesnt do this exactly which is anoying.

    Is there any way to exactly get the rendering of what you see in your Sketchup window? even better.. when you resize your Revit window , this would change.. so i would like to have a save frame like in 3ds max in my viewport, so i can exactly see which part in my viewport using the actual Rendersettings i will render.. ( well when switching to 2 point.. this wouldnt work also anymore. right) So what is the best workflow here.

    I think this is a very very important feature, because architects often have to reproduce renderings in the exact Poiint of view. in a later step of their architectural devellopment.