Revit LT and Sketchup

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  • I am trying to utilize Enscape with Sketchup since our Revit LT is incompatible.

    I have been able to export Revit LT model to Sketchup and then utilize Enscape. Is there a way to re-export Revit LT files again without losing any mapped materials in Sketchup?

  • You'll need to export Revit to DWG and map materials By Layer. Open a project and SketchUp and import (don't explode) the file. You'll want to apply or correct any materials to the appropriate layer - not per face or object.

    When your design changes open up your SketchUp file and delete the imported DWG file. Import your new DWG file and the layer names should remain consistent which means your materials are consistent.

    After you do this about 10 times you'll realize that your time is more valuable than a time consuming workaround and you'll just end up upgrading to full Revit.