Shadow ID

  • Alex sat at the head of a long banquet table, filled with fruits and vegetables, as well as some type of roasted meat that he couldn't identify. He looked around the outdoor banquet area that had been set up, in his honor, he had been told, awkward and nervous as he watched the women setting the food out. He felt bad for not doing anything to help, but Natalie, who was seated to the right of him, told him to enjoy being served tonight.

    She had also told him to get used to it, because, despite his protestations to the opposite, he would be the new leader of their village. He had insisted that he was going to find a way home, back to his old life, but she just laughed and directed the other women in where to set each dish.

    Finally, Alex had no choice but to relax and watch the parade of naked women who were finishing up the preparations and taking their seats. As soon as all of the seats had been filled, one of the women at the other end of the table where Alex sat, stood up. She was older than most of the women, appearing to be in her forties, but her body looked just as beautiful and full of life as any of the younger women .

    "As the island provides, so do we enjoy its gifts", she said, her voice rich and full of authority. "One of those gifts is our newcomer, who sits in a place of honor." Several of the women applauded at this, but the speaker continued. "The island gives us much and only asks that we live a simple life and not be bothered by what goes on in the outside world. So we have done for millenia and so we shall continue to do."

    As the woman finished her speech, she sat down and the feast began. Before he knew what was happening, Alex had a full plate of food set before him and a raven haired girl, probably around twenty, filled his cup with a strange liquid. The taste wasn't entirely unpleasant and soon Alex found himself eating without reserve. Each time the food on his plate began to get low or his drink was nearly empty, they were replaced, so that he never lacked for sustenance.

    In addition to the food, there were never less than two women standing beside his seat. When Alex pushed his plate away, signifying that he was finished eating, one of the girls beside him took his plate away. The other, who had amber colored hair with bright blue eyes, a full bodied figure with large breasts and large hips, crawled underneath the table and began stroking his cock.

    As the women seated at the table continued eating, Alex could feel the warm mouth of the women under the table as it enveloped his stiff dick. He tried to stifle a moan and then, to his surprise, he heard a giggle. He looked over at Natalie, who was covering her mouth and trying to keep from laughing. "What's so funny", he asked, even as he fought back another moan .

    "You", Natalie said, smiling at him. "Why do you hide your pleasure? Surely Allison is doing a good job, if the look on your face is anything to judge by. Why don't you let it be known how happy you are with her service?" Alex opened his mouth to answer, but the words escaped him. Why should he hide it, after all? This wasn't the world he was used to and, as long as he was here, he may as well do things the way the locals do them.

    As he felt Allison's throat humming around his shaft, he didn't hold back the moan. Several of the women seated closest to him clearly heard the noise and turned toward him, smiling knowingly. The knowledge emboldened Alex and he pushed his chair back from the table. Although he didn't know where it came from, a sudden urge gripped him. He grabbed the back of Allison's hair and started sliding her mouth up and down his shaft. Now it was less that she was sucking his dick and more that he was masturbating with her throat.

    The women who had heard his moan now watched, with something that looked like lustful hunger, as he fully controlled Allison's head. The audience watching him, as well as the feeling of power that seemed to be flowing through him, quickly brought him to the edge of orgasm. With a loud, primal grunt, he slammed Allison's head all the way against his groin, even as he thrust his dick forward.

    He erupted with a force that surprised him, shooting ropes of his cum down the girl's throat. She swallowed every spurt of his seed, moaning lewdly as she did so. Just before his orgasm ended, Alex pulled back and sent the last burst of cum splashing against her face. The look on the girl's face told Alex that she was in a state of ecstasy as he marked her.

    Surprisingly, his dick was still rock hard and several of the women at the table stood and moved toward him. He gestured at a girl with skin that was as dark as her raven colored hair. Her C cup breasts, which had dark, puffy nipples protruding from them, bounced as the girl practically ran over to Alex. He patted his lap and she straddled him, slowly lowering her wet pussy onto his erect cock. He groaned as he watched his dick disappearing into the bright pink lips of her cunt.

    Her pussy was very tight, almost to the point of pain, but to Alex it felt perfect. Her twat muscles squeezed his shaft as she lowered herself down, until she was fully impaled on his fat dick. She moaned loudly as she started bouncing on his dick and Alex, unable to stop himself, leaned forward and took one of her nipples in his mouth. He suckled and flicked his tongue over the nipple, feeling it harden in his mouth.

    Suddenly the girl squealed and jumped a little and Alex looked down to see Allison, unable to suck his dick anymore, spreading the darker girl's ass cheeks and rimming her asshole. From the squeals of the girl on his lap, it was obvious to Alex that Allison was quite quite expert with her tongue, no matter if it was a girl or a guy that she was pleasuring.

    He moaned as ebony beauty cried out as her pussy began to spasm, her juices gushing out around his dick. She remained sitting on his lap for several moments as waves of pleasure washed over her body, her cunt constantly contracting and squeezing his shaft. Finally, when she finished, he stood and positioned her on his chair so that she was on her knees, with her hands on the back of the chair.

    Then he plunged his dick into her soaking wet twat, eliciting a scream from the girl as his shaft rammed deep inside her. He held her waist as he pounded her cunt, slamming his cock into her again and again. He could feel her pussy walls squeezing his dick as she experienced multiple orgasms while he fucked her hard, his balls slapping her clit with each forward thrust .

    Soon he could feel his own orgasm building and he sped up his thrusts. He rammed his dick forward as hard as he could, burying his shaft deep in her womb, then he exploded. He let out a deep growl as he sent spurt after spurt of cum straight into her cervix, filling her pussy with his seed. He came hard, pumping out more jizz than he would have thought possible after feeding Allison a load just a little while ago.

    Finally though, his body began to calm and he slid his dick out of the girl's messy cunt. Allison immediately leapt forward and buried her face in the bright pink folds, eagerly devouring a second helping of cum. Another girl, a strawberry blonde, suddenly appeared before Alex and began sucking the mixture of juices from his shaft.

    He could feel his dick responding to the oral stimulation, but he felt that he needed a break, at least a small one, so he gently pushed her away once his dick was clean. She pouted a little, but didn't resist him. As he stepped away from her, Natalie asked him if he would like to bathe. Realizing that he didn't remember the last time he had bathed, although it couldn't have been more than a day or two, he nodded. She took his hand and led him away from the village, toward the jungle.

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    Hi guys,

    Is there anyway to have Shadow ID from Enscape as Materials ID does?

    I tried to export in White mode but it seems it needs quite a lot of works to select shadow only.


    Not at the moment I'm afraid, but this is filed as a feature request on our agenda - I have gladly forwarded your upvote and feedback to that topic accordingly! :) Also, welcome to our Forum. Feel free to share any further wishes with us anytime.

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    Forwarded thank you!