Curve Piping

  • Pretty sure this is related once again to Enscape's choice of RDK


    we tried to switch to the API introduced in Rhino 6, which is the preferred way if you ask McNeel. With this implementation we get edge softening works, decals and better material IDs without any code from our side. We really want to make the switch ourselves.

    Unfortunately there are serious shortcomings regarding live updates when editing blocks. You can see the same problems when using Cycles (switch to Cycles, edit blocks, end editing, see how Cycles renderer gets out of sync). In our opinion it's better to have a synchronous rendering, even if this means to miss out on a few other features. You can try it out for yourself and give feedback. How serious are these sync problems in your opinion?

    McNeel is aware of the bugs in the API, probably it's not as easy to fix as it might seem. I'm not aware of any ETA for the bugfixes.

    Which is a two year old issue. There's been some movement, like this:

    rheinason - just to update you, as the developer, even though on leave, answered my request for an update.

    He said that McNeal won't fix the issue that we reported until the next major Rhino release. So in this regard we are waiting on McNeal. The developer will follow this up once they are back from leave, and we will then update you again as to the status. Thanks for your patience.

    And we're past Rhino 7 and there's no real update.

    As a workaround you can use ExtractPipedCurve, that should show up in Enscape